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mardi, avril 19, 2011

The Effect Of Reflection Text In Photo Filtre

 Hi guys and welcome to a new tutorial of pfs school!. On this tutorial i will show you how to use text with beautyfull effect. Let's sart:
First, open the Photo Filtre studio
Than, go to File --> New or you can use the sortcut (Crtl + N) and you will see this window, here i did use this setting but you can change it like what ever you want 

When you do this step, go to the toolbar and click on Gradient

Choose your setting and click on OK 

 The result will be like this one here:

 Now, choose your text with your own settings and convert the text to image
and right click on the text and do Duplicate

 After that, in the toolbar click the Flip Vertical icon (in the duplicate image)

Text will be just like this but me i did some retouch in colors 

 Note: (I still edit the image duplicate) Here, reduce the opacity of image to 50%

And click on the eraser tool or use the shortcut ( V ), choose Radius in 70 and scroll left the perssure like this picture:

 Than, erase lower half is, until you see the writing reflected a little
Finally, save the picture.

This effect it's very usefull in every designe.
Like every Tutorial this is my applied:

This video will explain to you better (Video in High Quality)

That’s all guys, I hope you find it useful
If you have any doubt or problem, write a comment and i will help you.

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