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jeudi, juin 02, 2011

How To Create An Animated GIF Text In Photo Filtre

 Welcome to another free Photo Filtre tutorial, today we are going to create an GIF Image using text. I’ll be explaining in detail on how I used Photo Filtre’s tools  to achieve the final effect, also I will add some extra tips on how you can make your work stand out and look more special (On Video).

First, Open Photo Filtre Studio
Than, create a new document using the shortcut ( Ctrl + N )
and choose this specific settings, or change it for a large space

After that, create your background using textures or gradient ...
add a text and choose a fontfont size, color....

Now, go to Background and make Duplicate
Arranged between text and the layer 2 like this picture:

Here, we are done!
We move to make a Animated GIF 
Go to Tools => Animated GIF and left click

Finally, this is the best change for a best quality
in Gif picture without freckle and ...

Hope you will  find this effect very usefull.
Like every Tutorial this is my applied, with change in background and text:

This is our Tutorial for this day
If you have any doubt or problem, write a comment and i will help you.

Soon I will add video in every tutorial
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