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jeudi, juin 09, 2011

How To Change Car Paint Color in Photo Filtre

How to change car color paint

This article besides having the step by step tutorial I created a video tutorial for you, because it does not always promise a lot of work, 
but I did create the tutorial in video and pictures it's take a time.
So, this tutorial will help you to create a degradation effect of the car "Tuning" very stylish.
Let's start.
Like every time, open the picture of car. The picture it's on high quality 1900x1200 Pixels save it on your desktop.

When you open the picture duplicate the background twice, to get 2 same layer like this:

Now, select the layer 1 and click on the Hue variation
 Here choose the method 2/Hue and colour yellow

Like previous step, select the layer 2 and click on the Hue variation
 Here choose the method 2/Hue and colour red

when you done on this previous steps, the 2 layer will be appear like this

 Select the layer 2 and do this steps,

 do the same and click Ok.

Merge the 2 layer with layer 1to get one layer, like this:

Click on the layer 1and select the erase tool, after that start erasing all thing except the car, look at the layer 1:

Now, every thing is safe merge all layer by pressing (Shift + Enter)
and save the picture

Video of this tutorial with hight quality :

Thank you for reading my tutorial, see you on the next one
Any doubt or problems feel free to leave a comment


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