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mercredi, juin 08, 2011

How to Change The Color Of The Eye In Photo Filtre

One of the first and easiest enhancements that can be done with pictures of people is changing the eye colour. This is easy to do in Photo filtre…who needs expensive and/or complicated photo editing software…Photofiltre can do this and is free to use and download. So what are you waiting for? Join the millions of other people who use this wonderful program.

Part 1: paintbrush and blend mode.
use this eye or find an other in the web.

when you open the eye create a new transparency layer, 
follow this picture and click OK.
now, select paintbrush tool, select colour and circular brush with radius of 30
cover the eye with the yellow colour like this:
Remarque: make this yellow spot on the transparency layer

 select the transparency layer and go to layer manager tool 
and change the blend mode from Normal to Hue 
Merge the transparency layer to the background and get this result:

 Yellow bright eye !.

Part 2: Hue variation.
Personally I this the easiest way. 
Like usual open the picture of eye.
select the magic wand tool and select the blue area of the eye
and to use multi selection with magic wand tool, press on Ctrl and keep select by clicking on the bottom left of the mouse   

 Now, to change the colour of eye select the Hue variation.   

Choose the method 2 / Hue, than choose your colour and press OK.

This the 2 part of how to change the colour of eye in photo filtre studio, simple and easy, hope you will like and find it useful
Thank you for reading, see you on the next tutorial


Rachman Abdillah a dit…

salam kenal good friend of his article, I never use this tamplate and somewhat difficult to change it .. can get widgets for advertising the size of 125 x125.
greetings suksesok

PFS School a dit…

@Rachman Abdillah Done I send it to you with FB check your email box. :)

LifeTwins&dramaQueen a dit…

Wow, I didnt know it was that easy.. Thanx for sharing :)

PFS School a dit…

@LifeTwins Yeah, It's take only 1 min to applied this effect in your pictures, Thanks for your comment

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