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mardi, avril 12, 2011

Text Tool Tutorial in Photo Filtre

Tool text photofiltre is the big weak point compared to photoshop, but I got to create simple text

Local Tool:

  The command to activate the tool is text (Ctrl + T) or if you prefer, click the icon in horizontal menu in the shape of the letter "T".

Nothing is more than the "Font" ... that is the kind of letter, there are several types, with the operating system already has a lot.
2.Font Size
This definition is to change the font size, remember that each source has its proper size, or some small fonts are bad and some bad ones too large.
3.Font Style
Bold: Make the text bold (thicker)
Stroke: It leaves a trace in the text
Italic: Let the text fallen to the side right
Underline: Underlines the text with a line below the text
Here an Exemple:

4. Text Color
This option sets the color of your text
5.Text Alignment
Defines if your text will be positioned on the left, center or right side.
6.Text Angle
This option sets the angle of your text, that is ... the slopes, lying, or standing upright.
This exemple for color, alignment and angle:

7. Antialias
 Many people do not know what this option, this option is to leave or take the end of the text, usually makes this option activated for large text, and off for many small text.
8. Clear Text
Serves to erase all your typed text.
9. Text Input
Here you write the text you're creating the image to appear.
10. Convert Selection
 When you typed the text and click this option, the program will automatically create a selection of your text.
11.  Character Map
Shows a map of all the characters that exist in the "Font" you chose, good option to find special characters like hearts, polka dots, arrows and etc.

12. Opacity of the source
When you lower the opacity, the more transparent the text will look (invisible).

13. Spacing (Pitch and Interline) NEW
This option is new version of (X 10.1.0), so it is still in English, it serves to create a space between letters.
Spacing X: Creates a horizontal space the text
Y Spacing: Creates a vertical space of the text

When enabled, creates a shadow behind the text.
Shift X: Position of shadow to the left or right (-999 to +999).
Shift Y: Position the shade up or down to (-999 to +999).
Color: Sets the shadow color.
Opacity: Set the pressure of the shadow, the smaller the more opacity invisible shadow.
Style: With "ANTIALIAIS" = blurred, with "PLAN" = Nitida, and "DIFFUSE" = dotted.

This option is activated, creates an outline of the letters, and below you define the color of this outline.

16. Blur
  This option is activated, the text is blurry, there are two ways the "LOW" and "HIGH".

17. Shading Style and Negative
  Style: Let the text with a shadow of light and dark, making the text a little bit 3D
Style Negative: Inverts the colors of the text.

18. Pattern
This option is practically the "Text Color" but are not solid colors, textures that are be able to choose when you activated this option. They call this choice of Standard, who is English Pattern, But you can also use textures or even normal images.

This is the end of this tutorial hope you will like it
If you have any doubt or problem, write a comment and i will help you.
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