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lundi, mars 28, 2011

How To Add And Use Brush For Photo Filtre Studio

Hi guys and welcome to a new tutorial of pfs school!. Some of you didn't know how to add / installing brushes, so this tutorial will teach you how to add it and use it. Let' start for this tutorial.
Part 1: how to add / installing brushes

Let's say that you need to use this brushes. First, save these images in your desktop and copy it


Than, go to your computer

 double click on local disc (C:)
 go to program files and Scroll down
to where you see Photo Filtre Studio X

open the Photo Filtre folder
and you will se the brushes folder

open the file and paste the images

The part one is done, we ended up adding brushes.

Part 2: how to use brushes

First, open the shortcut
of Photo Filtre Studio X

Then, go to right toolbar (tools palette)
and click on the advenced paintbrush tool

 click the open folder icon

 when you click on the open folder icon
 you will see this window choose the brush name
and start paint in new paper

 this is a sample of brush after we  ended up adding it

This example, which I conducted with some changes

That’s all guys, I hope you find it useful
If you have any doubt or problem, write a comment and i will help you.
See you on next tutorial


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