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dimanche, mars 27, 2011

How To Install Photo Filtre Studio X 10.3.3

Hello!, every one 
now i will open this new blogger for the Photo Filtre Studio.
This blogger will be a school for learning this software.
At the beginning, this tutorial will explain to you how to install
Photo Filtre Studio X 10.3.3 this is the last version
Let's start, First you need to download the software
It's a English Version:
Download Here
When you download it, decompress the ZIP file
and click in this icon

After that, you will see this window click Next >

 Than, click in I Agree like this window

 Here choose your destination folder and click Next >

 Here we almost done, click Install

Now it's done, click on Finish

Congratulation !, so this is your interface of Photo Filtre Studio

This is the safe instalation for Photo Filtre Studio X.
This tutorial is clear and very easy.
Hope you will enjoy it, see you later.


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