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lundi, mars 28, 2011

How To Add And Use Nozzles For Photo Filtre Studio

Hi guys and welcome to a new tutorial of pfs school!. Some of you didn't know how to add / installing Nozzles, so this tutorial will teach you how to add it and use it. Let' start for this tutorial.
Part 1: how to add / installing Nozzles

First, save the nozzle in your desktop and copy it


Than, go to your computer

 double click on local disc (C:)
 go to program files and Scroll down
to where you see Photo Filtre Studio X

open the Photo Filtre folder
and y
ou will se the Nozzles folder

open the file and paste the images (Nozzle).

The part one is done, we ended up adding Nozzles.
Part 2: how to use Nozzles

First, open the shortcut
of Photo Filtre Studio X

Secondly, click on Nozzles tool (Strawberry icon)

Than, choose your Nozzle
and start painting.

in this small box you see a list of Nozzles  
that are in your folder Nozzles

In percentages box you can enlarge or reduce them by changing the percentages
Pressure: Mitigated by moving the cursor Pressure

If you want to have multiple times the same Nozzle
must hold the Ctrl key while clicking the left

That’s all guys, I hope you find it useful
If you have any doubt or problem, write a comment and i will help you.
See you on next tutorial


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